We Create Excitement Around Brand partnerships.


So often great products collect dust on store shelves, while brands that focus on a rubust marketing plan excel. Our services are designed to work together to maximize a line’s position in the beauty and wellness marketplace.



Store Buyer Outreach

Directly engaged with beauty stores

We are located on the East Coast and have unfettered access to stores and boutiques from Maine to Florida. On a national scale we work through our network of representatives to give your brand a complete presence throughout the United States.


In Store Events

Drive sell-through with local engagement

Once a buyer takes a chance on your brand it’s largely up to brands themselves to make sell-through happen. Engagement with stores + boutiques is essential in order to maintain ongoing relationships with local markets.


Pop-Up Shops + Launch Parties

get things off on the right foot

Once product has been shipped, or a new brand extension launched, it’s crucial to move the needle immediately. No one wants to see dusty product months after the fact, and no where is that more true than in the natural product industry.



assuring your brand is well displayed

We work to make sure products are displayed in their best light. From ensuring that boxes and bottles are perfect to bringing in complimentary signage and display props, we make sure brands look perfect once in stores. We can also arrange for in store sampling and special packaging.


Influencer Outreach + Sampling

celebrities, instagram, micro-influencers

No marketing plan is complete without the component of local and national micro-influencers. We have a complete sampling program that we conduct through Boxwood Group that submits samples to a well vetted group of wellness and beauty enthusiasts. We get feedback and cull results for you.

Public Relations + Social Media

earned media is essential to the complete marketing picture

We work with thousands of editors, writers, and producers to ensure brands are always top of mind both locally and nationally. We support PR through photography, social media outreach, and celeb outreach. Learn more >>