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Retail Report: Stonington Borough, Connecticut

While the tony town of Mystic gets most of the attention in this corner of Connecticut, nearby Stonington Borough is a waterfront gem not to be overlooked when planning your retail strategy in New England. 


This antique town, first settled in 1649, was originally a Pequot Indian trading outpost that later evolved into a wealthy harbor town after the Revolutionary War.  Its lighthouse, Stonington Harbor Light was the first lighthouse established by the federal government.  In the waters off Stonington, the states of New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island come together at a single point.


Today densely built Stonington Borough is home to just about 1000 people, and encompasses less than 1 square mile of land – making it perfect for walking and browsing all along its prime retail district: Water Street.

The borough thrives year round and is a well-kept secret of wealthy Floridians and New Yorkers who flock there wishing to dodge the frenzy of the Hamptons and Cape Cod.  You cannot stroll down Water Street without being captivated by stunning Colonial, Federal, and Greek Revival architecture matched with well curated shops, imaginative eateries and antique stores.

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As you can imagine it has quite a lot of water focused activity including NESS and one of Connecticut's last remaining lobster fleets.


Films shot in Stonington Borough include Mystic Pizza (the above mention NESS building was the actual set for the Mystic Pizza location) and more recently Hope Springs with Meryl Streep.


One of our favorite shops in Stonington is The Coq & Co, a kitchen and market that melds European and West Cost sensibility into its interior style. It sells food and a entire floor of housewares including candles, hand soap, lotion, and home fragrance.


Your Life in Photos: Catalogs, Websites, PR, Instagram Imagery

Your Life in Photos: Catalogs, Websites, PR, Instagram Imagery

It seems like a no brainer that great marketing starts with fantastic photos, but time and again we work with clients who aren’t really sure what that means. White silhouetted product shots are a must if you’re putting together any sort of catalog or webstore. And for the most part, brands manage that hurtle early on. But photos showing true color, with great saturation in super high resolution seem to be a rarity rather than the rule. If building a great brand is tops on your list, do yourself a favor and buy an SLR camera with a 24mm--104mm zoom lens and get cracking. While smart phones have magnificent cameras these days they are no match for a professional lens and your photos will show the difference. Natural light either early in the day or closer to twilight will reveal the best color. Shoot RAW so you can preserve resolution and layers. Drape a sheet of white paper behind your product if silhouetted shots are what you’re after. This is a project you’ll need to work on consistently so you have a continuum of fresh images for marketing materials and social media.

Instant Inspiration: Sexy Soap

Instant Inspiration:  Sexy Soap

When it comes to taking pictures of beauty products, I think none can be more challenging to photograph than good ole bar soap.  There are many, pretty soaps on the market these days, created with beautiful shapes, textures, and intriguing ingredients.  But at the end of the day it’s just a slice that sits in the palm of the hand, which can look a bit drab if not propped and lit well.  And with that comes the temptation to over-prop to the point that the soap itself is no longer the subject of the photograph, rather just a bit player in a larger production. 

Putting the Fewest Clicks Between Your Customers and New Orders

Putting the Fewest Clicks Between Your Customers and New Orders

Getting press is a great tool in a brand’s quest to maximize sales. And while press clips alone are the primary goal, capitalizing on those same press clips is paramount to making the most of the process.

In the wide world of shopping online, most of it occurs on the fly, from a smart phone or a tablet of one platform or another. It’s usually somewhat impulsive, and needs to be streamlined in order for it to be completed before the much reviled “abandoned shopping cart” syndrome occurs.